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How to judge the quality of welding positioner

The development of domestic welding positioners in China has been quite mature and perfect. We can simply understand the welding positioner in this way, that is, changing the welding position can transform vertical welding, overhead welding, and other processes into flat welding, effectively reducing the difficulty of welding and It can complete the welding task very well. So is the structure of the welding positioner we purchased reasonably? How to judge, let's find out together.

welding positioner

1. Check the turning drive of the welding positioner

(1) The tilt drive should be stable, without shaking under load, and the whole machine will not overturn. When the load Q exceeds 25 kg, it should have a power drive function.

(2) Set the limit device to control the inclination angle and have an angle indicator.

(3) The tilting mechanism has a self-locking function, which does not slip under load, and is safe and reliable.

2. Check the rotary drive motor of the positioner

(1) The rotary drive motor should realize step-less speed regulation and can realize braking.

(2) Within the rotation speed range, the rotation speed fluctuation should not exceed 5% when under load.

3. Other matters needing attention

(1) The positioner should be equipped with a conductive device to prevent welding current from passing through the transmission parts such as bearings and gears. The resistance of the conductive equipment must not exceed 1 mΩ, and its capacity must meet the requirements of the rated welding current.

(2) The control part of the positioner should be equipped with a linkage interface for automatic welding.

(3) The structure of the workbench should be convenient for the clamping of the workpiece or the installation of the fixture, and its structure can be determined through consultation with the user.

(4) The accurate data of the load, eccentricity, and center of gravity of the welding positioner should be clearly stated in the instruction manual of the welding positioner.

In people's eyes, it may be considered that the welding positioner is an unimportant product. However, internationally, there are more than 100 series of products including multiple functions. Technically, there are common models; there are gapless drive servo control models. Fengwei Equipment specializes in the research and development and production of automatic welding equipment such as welding robots, welding positioners, and dynamic welding machines.

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