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Fengwei Welding Positioner|Quality Inspection Method

In the production of large workpieces, welding automation is gradually popularized in various fields in various countries. The use of welding positioners has been despised from the beginning, but with the diversification of welding workpieces, welding positioners have begun to get With everyone's attention, welding equipment manufacturers have also begun to continuously upgrade their products.

Elevating welding positioner

How to check the quality of the welding positioner?

When buying a welding positioner, it is necessary to judge its quality. Many users often take a lot of detours when they do not know how to judge the quality of a welding positioner, such as spending a high price to buy a low-quality welding positioner, Components of a high-quality welding positioner, etc. Take the machine of Fengwei welding automation equipment as an example, and talk to you about how to judge the quality of the machine.

welding positioner

Check the flip drive of the welding positioner

Since not all shapes of welding objects are specifications, there are certain requirements for the stability of the welding positioner. For welding positioner manufacturers, they are more concerned about the stability of the machine's turning drive.

Welding positioner components

(1) Under normal circumstances, the welding positioner must meet the stability of the tilting drive. When the turntable of the machine is loaded, the entire fuselage must not overturn. Of course, it does not mean that 1 ton of items is loaded, and 2 tons of items are placed. In this case, no matter what the machine will be damaged, the general load value is about 25KG, and it must also have a power drive function.

(2) The welding positioner should be equipped with a limit device. This setting can also ensure a certain degree of safety. The tilt angle is controlled by the machine. Usually, an angle indicator needs to be attached to a specific position.

(3) To ensure the accuracy and safety of the entire welding process, the tilting mechanism of the welding positioner needs to have a self-locking function, and there will be no object sliding under load.

Use slide rails to make welding positioner movable

Check the rotary drive motor of the welding positioner

If the welding efficiency or assembly efficiency of the entire welding line can reach a certain specification, the rotary drive motor also needs to meet a certain standard.

(1) The rotary drive motor should realize step-less speed regulation and can realize braking.

(2) The welding positioner generally has a certain degree of rotation, so it also needs to meet a certain rotation speed range. When it is under load, the speed fluctuation does not exceed 5%.

Use welding positioner to improve welding efficiency

3. Other aspects of quality inspection of welding positioner

(1) When the welding positioner is manufactured, a conductive device must be provided to avoid the welding current passing through the transmission parts such as bearings and gears when the welding positioner is working. The resistance of the conductive device should not exceed 1mΩ, and its capacity should meet the requirements of the rated welding current.

(2) The control part of the welding positioner shall be provided with a linkage interface for automatic welding.

(3) The structure of the workbench should be convenient for clamping the workpiece or installing the fixture, and the structure form can also be determined through consultation with the user.

(4) The accurate data of load, eccentricity, and heavy spacing should be clearly stated in the instruction manual of the welding positioner.

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