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Performance characteristics of FENGWEI self-adjusting welding rotator

PDF documents related to FENGWEI welding rotator:PDF documents related to FENGWEI welding rotator

The welding rotator is suitable for the welding of circular cylinders. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted according to the size of the cylinder. There are various specifications of welding rotators for users to choose. Adjustable welding rotator has three types: manual screw adjustment, manual bolt shift and electric slide shift. By adjusting the center distance of the rollers, it is suitable for different diameter cylinders.

self-adjusting welding rotator

The driving frame and the driven frame respectively have four rollers, and the four rollers on the driving frame are synchronous driving wheels. The rollers are installed in the side panel assembly. The roller adopts an integral roller structure. The surface of the wheel is coated with high-quality rubber, which has high bearing capacity and wear resistance, and is not suitable for aging and degumming. It can be used for a long time without the need to replace the roller, which reduces the maintenance cost and time, and has good performance. The swing arm of the self-aligning roller frame adapts to the requirements of workpieces with different diameters. The clamping frame rotating shaft of the roller assembly has strong rigidity. When the workpiece is placed on the roller assembly, a good fit gap between the rotating shaft and its shaft hole can ensure that the fixture frame and the workpiece are opened at a suitable angle, so as to meet the rotation requirements of workpieces with different diameters. An oil groove is designed and manufactured on the rotating shaft, which can be frequently filled with grease to ensure its good lubrication.

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Each shaft hole of the main and driven frame is processed by a card boring machine at one time, and the parallelism of each axis is good and the amount of movement is small. The roller assembly is installed with high-quality spherical roller bearings produced by domestic and international well-known enterprises and equipment manufacturers. The use of this bearing has an important bearing capacity and strong self-aligning performance. The elastic deformation in the welding rotator makes the welding rotator have a long service life, reduce the maintenance management cost and maintenance work time, and has a relatively good system performance. The grease used in the bearing is lithium-based grease, which has good lubricating performance.

The four rollers of the drive frame are fully meshed, and the drive gear is connected with the drive reducer with a "cross" coupling. All transmission gears are made of high-quality steel, with hardened tooth surfaces and lubricated with grease. It can be used for a long time without shifting. A gear cover is provided on the outside of the transmission gear.

welding rotator for sale

Adopt imported inverter for stepless speed regulation, various parameters can be digitally preset and displayed, wide speed regulation range, stable operation, multiple protections for overvoltage, overcurrent, overload and overheating.

All the roller components on the master and driven welding rotator are distributed with symmetrical information from the axis line of the roller bracket to both sides at the same time, and the height development of each roller in the enterprise is consistent, so as to ensure that the workpiece can be processed normally on the welding rotator. operate efficiently. And equipped with a hoisting hook, the welding rotator can be easily hoisted as a whole.

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The double cycloid reducer is used for double drive. The selected reducer and motor have relatively high synchronous system performance, so that the rollers on the welding rotator can run the enterprise synchronously. In addition, the use of cycloid reducer for innovative driving can prevent the impact of the reverse operation of the clamp frame on the reducer when students place a workpiece, and can effectively prevent the possible early damage of the reducer, so that the reducer and the motor can develop It has a long service life of the network. Large tonnage welding rotators generally use this type of transmission design.

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