Welding positioner chuck maintenance

Welding positioner chuck maintenance

welding positioner

The application of the chuck can ensure the normal use of the welding positioner. Therefore, in the later maintenance, attention should not only be paid to the maintenance of the welding positioner, but also the maintenance of the chuck.

The use of the welding positioner is mainly suitable for the processing of some large factories. The welding work is inseparable from the use of the positioner. It is called a welding auxiliary machine, so it can be widely used and can always perform well when used. use effect.

Welding positioner chuck

The development of welding positioners in the machine tool industry is developed with the application and development of the welding structure of machine tool products. The products of the machine tool industry are mainly metal cutting machine tool products, forging machinery products, foundry machinery products, woodworking machine tool products, and tools. Among them, metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery, and casting welding displacement machine products are the main fields of displacement machine application in the machine tool industry.

Welding positioner chuck

The welding positioner has gradually developed into the main technology of the machine tool industry, and its main performances are as follows.

(1) Some key enterprises have built welding factories or metal structure factories of a certain scale and established a complete welding management system. Absorb and digest the welding technical standards of imported products, implement professional standards, and formulate enterprise standards.

(2) Improve the welding process flow, and develop from single processing technology to a series of new comprehensive engineering technologies such as raw material pretreatment, cutting, forming, welding, post-welding inspection, and post-welding treatment.

(3) The application of numerical control cutting and computer programming routine technology has changed the blanking technology of traditional manual cutting and reduced mechanical processing.

(4) The new technology of promoting vibration aging is realized, the residual stress of the welded structure is reduced, the purpose of homogenization is achieved, the deformation of welded parts is reduced, and the accuracy is stabilized.

Welding positioner chuck

The welding positioner can ensure the smooth progress of the welding process when it is used. It can not only play a good auxiliary role in welding but also have a good effect in later use. This credit is mainly due to the welding positioner. When using, there is an important accessory---welding chuck. The application of the chuck can ensure the normal use of the welding positioner. Therefore, in the later maintenance, attention should not only be paid to the maintenance of the welding positioner, but also the maintenance of the chuck. maintain:

1. After the chuck is used, it is necessary to use tools such as air guns to clean the welding chuck body and slide the surface of the welding positioner. As a result, good accuracy can be ensured even after using the chuck for a long time, so regular lubrication of the chuck is important.

2. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease (black) at least once a day, and pump the grease into the grease nozzle of the welding chuck until the grease flows from the jaw surface or the inner hole of the welding chuck (the inner hole protective cover). and connecting nut) until it overflows.

3. To prevent rust inside the chuck, the clamping force will drop, and the workpiece cannot be clamped, so use cutting oil with anti-rust effect, and the use of cutting oil can prevent the inside of the chuck from rusting.

4. After the work is completed, it is necessary to clean the main body of the welding chuck and the slide surface with an air gun, etc.

5. The chuck should be removed and cleaned at least every 6 months, keep the bending surface of the chuck claw clean and lubricate it to prolong the life of the chuck.

6. Check all parts for cracks and wear, and clean the cast iron at least once every two months. If there is serious damage, it needs to be replaced with new products immediately.

7. Each workpiece needs to use different clamping methods, and using it to clamp irregular workpieces will damage the welding chuck.

8. In the case of abnormal chuck pressure, if the chuck is clamped with high pressure, the life of the chuck will be reduced. Therefore, if the gap of the chuck is found to be too large, it is necessary to replace the new chuck immediately.

Welding positioner chuck

When the chuck of the welding positioner is used, it is necessary to pay attention to regular maintenance to prevent the phenomenon that affects the overall quality. In the later maintenance, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the chuck is not damaged, to ensure a good maintenance effect.

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