High-quality welding positioner|Precautions for purchase

High-quality welding positioner|Precautions for purchase

Welding positioner

Welding positioner is a special auxiliary equipment for realizing welding automation. Welding position for rotary work for ideal machining position and welding speed.

In modern industrial production, the application of robots is very common, especially in the process of welding operations. Many production lines use welding robots. However, welding robots alone cannot perform all welding tasks. Therefore, a welding positioner is generally equipped to make it the external motion axis of the welding robot. So what are the benefits of using a welding positioner? How to judge the quality of the positioner when choosing?

Welding positioner

Advantages of using a welding positioner

Welding positioner is the special auxiliary equipment for realizing welding automation. Welding position for rotary work for ideal machining position and welding speed. It can be used together with a Fronius welding machine to form an automatic welding center, and can also be used for workpiece displacement during manual operations. The advantages are as follows:

1. High precision: RV reducer is used, and the repeatability of the welding positioner can reach +0.1mm.

2. High durability: Simple transmission system can reduce the risk of failure.

3. Strong applicability: The main function of the welding positioner is to realize the rotation and positioning of the workpiece during the welding process, to obtain a good welding position, and to meet the quality and appearance requirements of various welded parts.

4. Reliable operation: The base of the welding positioner is welded with thickened profiles and steel plates, and is annealed to ensure reliable quality and precision.

5. Strong adjustability: The welding positioner is driven by a servo motor to rotate, and the reducer adopts a high-precision reducer, with reliable accuracy and adjustable speed.

welding positioner

Although there are many advantages of welding robots using positioners, these advantages are also based on the quality of the positioners. If the quality of the selected positioner is not reliable enough, it will not only fail to meet the production efficiency of the production line but may even lead to a decline in product quality, so we need to know how to judge the quality of the positioner.

How to judge the quality of welding positioner

1. Check the flip drive

(1) The tilting device should be stable, not shaking when loaded, and the whole machine will not tip over. If the load exceeds 25kg, it needs to function as a power unit.

(2) There must be a limit device to control the inclination angle, and an angle indicator is required.

(3) The tilt mechanism needs to have a self-locking function and cannot slide under load.

Components of welding positioner

2.Check the rotary drive motor.

(1) The rotary drive motor needs to realize continuous speed regulation and braking.

(2) Within the speed range, the speed fluctuation under load should not exceed 5%.

3.Other aspects

  • The welding positioner must be equipped with a conductive device to prevent the welding current from passing through the transmission parts such as bearings and gears. The resistance of the conductive device should not exceed mΩ, and its capacity should meet the requirements of the rated welding current.
  • The control part of the welding positioner must be equipped with a connection interface for automatic welding.
  • The structure of the workbench should be convenient for the installation of workpieces or accessories, and can also be determined through consultation with the user.
  • The precise data of load, eccentricity, and repetition distance should be clearly indicated in the instruction manual of the welding positioner.

3 Jaw Chuck

Regarding the advantages of the welding positioner, the above is all the content compiled by the technicians of Fengwei Machinery for everyone, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. In fact, in addition to the quality problem of the welding positioner, in order to ensure efficiency and production quality, it should also be used in accordance with the correct operating procedures. Fengwei Machinery produces welding positioners of various specifications, which can meet a variety of welding robots for different production needs and can customize the entire production line according to the user's production process requirements.

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Welding positioner

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