Welding rotator with walking

The welding rotator is widely used in boiler, pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, and other manufacturing industries. welding rotator is used to assist automatically welding inner and outer longitudinal or circumferential seams of cylindrical vessels. Such welding automation is convenient for wildman to operate and improve workflow efficiency.

  • Model
    Adjustable\Self-aligned\Fit up\Growing line
  • Roller Material
    PU or Metal

The welding rotator is customized welding automation, optional for various functions in order to meet the client's specific request. In the picture, this is a type of welding rotator consisting of a travel feature along rails. Similar to a Traditional welding rotator, a Welding rotator with walking is mainly composed of a driving roller, idle roller, electric control system, but differently added on walking mechanism. The walking mechanism is optional for motorized travel and manual travel.

Mechanism of Welding rotator with walking

Two sets of driving devices are installed on the driving roller. The driving device consists of the motor and reducer, which are used to drive the rollers on the driver to rotate. A traveling mechanism is installed at the bottom of the driving roller unit, and the traveling wheels are synchronously driven by an AC motor and reducer, which can make the welding rotator walk on the guide rail.

Importantly, the travel system of the driving roller is double wheel drive, we designed accordingly a manual wheel lock device in the mechanism. Once the welding rotator travels to the destination, the wheels can be locked manually to prevent the trolley from moving by itself.

How to choose a manual or Welding Rotator with Motorized Travel?

1) If tight budget, we recommend that if the loading capacity of the welding rotator is between 2ton and 100 tons, the manual walking mechanism is still applicable, as the workman is still able to push the rollers.

2) If loading capacity is over 100ton, which is too heavy to push, an electric travel mechanism is a necessity. Such setting of Welding rotator with walking brings lots of advantages, i.e. time-saving, labor-saving and safety.

3) All operation button and control is centralized on one monitor. One workman can complete a series of processing procedures solely, including welding seam, rotating cylinders, transfer vessels without using cranes, etc.

Welding Rotator

The whole welding rotator has strong rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, simple maintenance and long service life. Learn more about the details and types of welding rotators.

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