FENGWEI Welding Rotator Design Standards

FENGWEI Welding Rotator Design Standards

Welding Rotator

The welding Rotator produced by Fengwei Machinery is widely used in various industries, such as reactors, boilers, and ship manufacturing. A qualified welded Rotator manufacturer must ensure its equipment and must have high standard standards.

  • High welding precision
  • High durability
  • Strong applicability

FENGWEI welding Rotator is a high-standard design standard. In addition to ensuring conventional standards, in the whole process of design, we must be designed. Strictly implement the design specifications of related machinery and equipment, also consider the reasonable design of design and economic development elements, and design a high-cost welding Rotator.

Pipe Rotator For Welding

Design of welding rotator:

1. Each welded Rotator consists of 1 active wheel and one from a dynamic wheel.

2. The active wheels consist of a part of the base, the rolling wheel support seat, the roller, the screw nut, the driver, the motor, and the automatic control system.

3. From the moving wheel, the base position, the roller support seat, the roller wheel, the screw nut, etc.

4. The base is located directly below the welding Rotator to undertake the net weight of the workpiece and Rotator itself, and transmits this net weight to the ground floor, and considers the bearing capacity of the factory ground. The base is welded with high-quality thick steel plates and groove steel welding, and welding and annealing are solved. Later, the deeper processing of the fruit was processed, and the welding rotor of FENGWEI has high-pressure resistance, good stiffness, long-term use of non -deformation, and good shock absorbing characteristics.

5. Place the roller support seat on the base. The front and back roller screws are installed on the base. Interval to solve the welding requirements of different diameter workpieces.

6. Roller is used as a support point workpiece and transmits torsion distance. It is connected to the transmission shaft according to the key connection and installed in the dual-swing portion. , Rotate the driver. The steel core business outer clinging polyurethane material is used. The steel core is used as a net weight of the load-bearing workpieces. The business outer packaging polyurethane material is used to improve the sliding friction.

7. Select two driver-lowering system software to simultaneously drive, and each from the three-phase AC motor, the threading needle reducer, and the booster hard tooth surface deceleration unit. It reflects the high rate of the speed reduction system software, but also has excellent lock-up positioning services.

8. The mechanical and equipment is set under the rotator to fix the rotation to prevent channeling equipment. When welding on the rotator, radial shaking is required.

9. The management center of each pair of roller wheels can be relative to the diameter of the cylindrical workpiece to ensure that the two rollers are 45 ° large, lower than 110 °.

10. The electronic control system is composed of electrical equipment boxes and cable TV hand-control boxes. The DC frequency frequency frequency has no transmission. The main parameters can be preset and numbered. The transmission is high -precision. It is very easy to maintain production and processing standards. Select a cable TV hand-controlled box to carry out the remote control, which can carry out positive flipping, changes, starting, and termination positions, which is convenient and convenient to use.

 Welding Rotator assembly line design, first carry out the selection of Rotator's planning plan, selection of rolling wheel drive plans, selection of reducer and the design of its Rotator roller wheels, and conduct intensity school checks on each part of it.

Welding Rotator

The welding Rotator produced by Fengwei Machinery is widely used in various industries, such as reactors, boilers, and ship manufacturing.

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