Mechanical Maintenance

In the process of using the machine, it is inevitable that there will be some damage, usually due to personal improper operation, logistics transportation, voltage power, overload, etc. At this time, the production and efficiency of the entire factory are affected. Fengwei Machinery is a company A very special company. After 20 years of accumulation of machinery, our machinery not only has its own professional engineer team, but also has a first response team for solving customer machine failures. Many partners who have used Fengwei Machinery have reported to us: " Fengwei is really a trustworthy partner. Not only is the machine worthy of our praise, but more importantly, their after-sales service team always makes me feel that they are a service-oriented company, which allows me to use the machine without any worries. "

For Fengwei Machinery, Fengwei Machinery is dedicated to the professional manufacturing of integrated production lines such as wind tower production lines, H Beam Welding Line, Box Girder production line, etc. The company's products include Welding Rotator, Welding Positioner, Welding Manipulator , Steel Structure Machines, etc. Our products are diverse. Almost every country in the world has Fengwei partners. They have grown up with Fengwei until now. Our quality and service have always been the highlights of their mouths.

Fengwei's after-sales service team will discuss and solve the problem as soon as the customer reports the problem, and the customer can contact us by email, phone, online customer service, etc. Customer satisfaction is always our ultimate goal.

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