After the machine is purchased, due to the different models, the difficulty of getting started is different. For users, it is a problem that must be solved. Our Fengwei will provide corresponding explanation modes according to the products or customized products required by customers. Generally speaking, Say that we are divided into the following categories: atlas description, operation video, online guidance, offline training, etc., we will according to the product and customer needs, let customers use the product without pressure.

Fengwei Machinery is dedicated to the professional manufacturing of integrated production lines such as wind tower production lines, H Beam Welding Line, Box Girder production line, etc. The company's products include Welding Rotator, Welding Positioner, Welding Manipulator, Steel Structure Machines, etc. Whether it is a single production line or a single product, we have corresponding instructions for use. Customers do not have to worry about the difficulty of getting started by users in their own factories. Instead, they can quickly put into production and increase production efficiency.

Instructions for use If the corresponding solution fails to meet the requirements, one-to-one guidance can be provided through manual answers to ensure the service life of the machine and the personal safety of the user. For our Fengwei, customer satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit.

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