In life, the use of steel structures can be said to be ubiquitous, not only in housing construction and art exhibitions, but also in some important facilities, such as the national power tower. , Pressure vessels and the like. The most representative steel structure is H-Beam. H-Beam is mainly because its cross-section is a bit like "H". It is precisely because of this type of product that it has better strength, and the cross-section of H-beam usually includes The two parts of the web and the flange are also called: universal steel.



In terms of production, H-beam began to be paid more attention to by many people, and a H-Beam Welding Line was born for H-Beam. From the design of H-Beam to its manufacturing and welding, to its final product, more More and more companies have begun to study more efficient manufacturing of such products. Generally speaking, the main welding products of H Beam Welding Line are: CNC cutting machine, H-Beam assembly machine, Beam welding machine, and Beam straightening machine. As a manufacturer of welding automation equipment with 23 years of experience, Fengwei has been recognized by many countries in the world for H Beam Welding Line.

H-Beam is widely used, such as our common large bridges, highway elevated, ship supports, etc., are inseparable from it. However, for H-Beam, its production efficiency is a big problem. Many H-Beam manufacturers often step on pits when cooperating with equipment manufacturers. There is no guarantee in the after-sales service. If you encounter such a problem, you may wish to cooperate with Fengwei. Our reputation is excellent among all of our cooperating people. One is because our products have been obtained in terms of efficiency and safety. Recognition, the other is our after-sales service, our one-to-one, many-to-one team of engineers treats each partner’s problem as the primary goal to solve.

Among them, our CNC cutting machine: mainly for the cutting problem of H-Beam, it can perfectly fit every cutting surface.

H-Beam assembly machine: For the H Beam Welding Line, its role is very important. It can be assembled and formed at one time and complete four welding points at the same time. Not only that, it can also complete other types of Beam excellently.

H-Beam assembly machine

H-Beam assembly machine


Beam welding machine: Gantry welding machine or cantilever welding machine is one of the equipment for manufacturing H-shaped, T-shaped, and other Beam Welding Lines.

Beam welding machineBeam welding machine


Beam straightening machine: Beam straightening machine is mainly used after the H-beam welding is completed, the H-beam wing plate may be deformed during the welding process, and its function is to adjust and straighten it, and finally it can be used.

Beam straightening machine

Some auxiliary equipment is also designed in the H Beam Welding Line. Fengwei will provide a complete set of production line machines. We will also provide partners with on-site visits and provide remote video viewing. Our partners can work with us for up to 23 years. Our reputation And product quality has always been a tale of others.

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