Power poles

Power poles are familiar to everyone, and you can see a lot of them almost everywhere. However, the construction of each power pole is not as easy as imagined, which has caused an increase in its cost. You must know that the main component of the power pole is the steel structure. Generally, hot-rolled angle steel is the most commonly used power pole, but it also has certain shortcomings, mainly in terms of strength and specifications, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the use of large-load poles.

Power poles


The high-load pole tower can use the combined section angle steel, but there is also a disadvantage. The combined section angle steel is extremely large, and there are too many other members involved in it, which are complicated, so that the amount of connecting plates and structural plates is also very large. The increase is the overall cost. Many manufacturers also want to save costs in this regard, but the overall complexity cannot be solved overnight. Steel pipe towers have disadvantages such as complex structure, difficult to control weld quality, low processing and production efficiency, high pipe prices and processing costs, and large investment in tower processing equipment.

To seek a partner for a power pole manufacturer, there are thousands of choices. First of all, it can save a lot of money in terms of the cost of the machine. It can also increase production during the use of the machine. You need to know a power tower equipment. Manufacturers can not only improve their own production efficiency in terms of equipment, but also greatly solve such problems in terms of after-sales. Fengwei Machinery, as a steel structure equipment welding manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, has gained worldwide expertise in welding automation. Compliments from more than twenty countries.

There are many types of equipment involved in power poles, the most important of which are:

1.Intersecting line cutting machine

2.Circumferential seam welding machine for power pole

3.Power rod gantry welding machine

There are many detailed difficulties in the manufacture of power poles, especially in welding and cutting. Fengwei has designed and developed a complete set of related welding automation equipment and cutting lines for power towers, and our machines can also be based on partners The second upgrade is not only to meet the safety and efficiency of the equipment, but also to match the machine perfectly according to other needs of the factory. Our engineer team adopts one-to-one, one-to-many after-sales pre-sales Service, quickly solve customer problems within 24 hours.

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