Steam Boiler

Steam Boiler, as the name suggests, is a boiler equipment that specializes in the production of steam. For its design, manufacturing, delivery, use and other processes, it has received strict attention from the country and the world. It is different from normal boilers. Steam Boiler When leaving the factory, it must strictly follow the relevant national regulations and international export standards. The procedures include the boiler body diagram, installation diagram, instrument valve diagram, pipeline diagram, and inspection certificate.

Steam boilers can be divided into electric steam boilers, oil-fired steam boilers, gas-fired steam boilers, etc. according to the fuel; steam boilers can be divided into manual combustion steam boilers and fully automatic chain combustion steam boilers according to the fuel supply method; according to the structure, they can be divided into vertical steam boilers , Horizontal steam boilers, small steam boilers are mostly single and double-pass vertical structures, and large-scale Steam Boilers are mostly three-pass horizontal structures.

As a kind of special equipment, Steam Boiler's manufacturing process is also quite difficult. The first thing to be solved is its rotation and welding problems. You must know that Steam Boiler is not only bulky, but also weighs in tons. If you want to weld it safely and conveniently, you must have a certain load-bearing rotating equipment. The indispensable are the following types of machinery:

welding rotator

The welding rotator is very useful. It mainly uses the friction between the roller and the contact surface to change the position or contact surface of the object. The welding rotator can perfectly improve work efficiency, and it can be used by workers, saving time and effort. Fengwei's welding rotator is different from the same models on the market. Our engineers upgrade the welding rotator according to market demand and working conditions, which brings better results. It not only meets the needs of many factories, but also has advantages in safety and efficiency. Obviously, we welcome partners to experience our machines on site, and we will let you return here in Fengwei at the best price. Our welding rotator has many kinds, such as: Fit-up welding rotator, Tons conventional turning rollers, Conventional welding rotator, Pipe rotators for welding, Pipe rotators for welding, Self-aligning rotator, etc., which perfectly meet the needs of the factory.

Anti-channeling welding rotator

Anti-channeling welding rotator


Welding Positioner

Many manufacturers know the role of welding positioner. I won’t say much here. Fengwei Machinery's research and development of welding positioner can be said to be among the best in the industry. Fengwei's welding positioner The main use is a continuously variable transmission device. When changing its speed, there is no need to worry about its accuracy. Even if it is operated from a long distance, our accuracy can reach the top standard. The welding positioner is generally composed of a worktable rotating mechanism and tilting. Institutional composition. Through the lifting, turning and rotating of the worktable, the workpiece fixed on the worktable can reach the required welding and assembly angle. It can be used with welding manipulator to achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort, and can greatly save manpower and material resources.

Benchtop Positioner


welding manipulator

Welding manipulator is a kind of welding automation equipment. It can be used with welding positioner, which can solve at least half of the manpower. Not only that, we often feel annoyed when it comes to some particularly large objects with large diameters and long lengths. , Welding manipulator can solve this kind of problem very well. It is necessary to know that welding manipulator moves with the cylinder, any position that is difficult to solve is not a problem. The welding manipulator can be controlled by three-in-one welding power supply, welding rotator or positioner according to customer requirements. In terms of safety factor, we have not only expanded its maximum load, but also adopted many safety measures that exceed international standards. Therefore, such a safe device is worth a visit by partners.

Welding manipulatorWelding manipulator


For the manufacturers of Steam Boiler, if you are still worried about not meeting a qualified partner, Fengwei is your most sincere choice. We are not only excellent in machinery, but we also receive support from all walks of life in terms of after-sales service. A partner who worked with us once commented on us: Thank you dear Feng Wei, your machine has doubled the efficiency of my factory, not only because your machine is excellent, but more importantly, your company’s engineers are paying attention all the time. Our use situation, so that we basically have no use problems, when we encounter problems that we don’t understand, your engineers are really saviors, and we gave us the solution in the first time. Feng Wei is really worth it. Trusted partner.

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