Storage Pressure Vessel

Storage pressure vessel is a kind of container used to store materials of petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, pesticide, dye, dye, medicine, food and other industries. Material compostion of pressure vessels are usually carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel base (Hastelloy), Monel, Inconel) alloy and other composite materials. It is usually used to store all kinds of slurry, fluid and powder, such as various resins, adhesives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, biology, medicine, food and other more than 1000 kinds of materials.

Storage pressure vessel

Storage pressure vessel

There are vareity models of pressure vessels, but with similar fabricaition process.

Based on pressure level, vessels can be divided into:

l low pressure vessel

l medium pressure vessel

l high pressure vessel

l ultra-high pressure vessel

According to different functions of vessels, it is divided into:

Reaction vessel: a vessel used to complete the physical and chemical reaction of the medium.

Heat exchanger: a cylinder container used to complete the conversion and exchange of media.

Separation vessel: a pressure vessel used to complete the mass exchange of medium, gas purification, solid, liquid and gas separation.

Storage and transportation container: a cylinder tank used to hold liquid or gas materials, store and transport media or balance and buffer pressure.

Pipe Fit Up Turning Rolls

Pipe Fit Up Turning Rolls


No matter what type of pressure vessel is, fully automatic welding equipment is highly recommended and has been widely realized by pressure vessel manufacturers, in order to improve fabrication efficiency and product quality. For instance, in the welding process, we have designed a useful welding rotator to fabricate pressure vessels. Below 2 models are frequenltly chosen by our clients:

l Welding rotator with long axis: multiple welding rotators are arranged coaxially in two rows along both sides of cylindrical workpieces. One side is driving wheel, the other side is the idle wheel. The number of driving wheels and idle wheels is the same. Long axis welding rotator is used to assemble and weld cylinder workpiece with thin width.

Self-aligning rotator


Self-aligning rotator

l Fit up welding rotator: Fit up welding rotator consists of a hydraulic system, and hydraulic jacking roller and a traveling roller frame. The expansion and contraction of the center distance of the four rollers is controlled by oil cylinders of the hydraulic jacking roller frame, to adjust height and horizontal movement of the vessel, so as to fully fit the vessel placed on the traveling wheel. The rotation of the traveling roller helps to drive the rotation of vessels, so that assembly of all pieces of vessels is completed synchronously. Once completed seam weldment and assembly, set of welding rotators with traveling and fit up functions replaces manual operation with cranes and large manpower. Automatic welding rotator helps to move tanks up and down, and walk along with rails, so as to automaticlly complete the assembly welding of the whole vessel body.


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