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Although wind towers are not very common in life, every city needs to rely on it to survive. It controls part of the city’s renewable energy, especially when the wind tower rotates, the kinetic energy generated is transformed by the design of scientists. Become an indispensable electrical energy in life. Not only that, wind towers are mainly driven by wind, and wind does not contain any pollution. Many countries advocate the use of wind towers to generate electricity, which is green and environmentally friendly.

wind towerWind tower


In addition to generating electricity, wind towers can also improve the smog problem in coastal cities. However, some countries use wind towers to improve pollution in local cities. For example, farms in the United States have many such equipment.

Needless to say, the volume of the wind tower is extremely large. Assembling such a huge tower requires manual and semi-automatic welding from the bottom to the top of the wind tower. There are many techniques for wind towers that must meet top-level standards. Not only must they withstand the pressure in the wind, they must also meet the seismic and compression rating when they are subjected to earthquakes or other disasters. Therefore, the equipment to produce it also needs to reach very high standards. High standards. Many wind tower equipment manufacturers often encounter that the equipment of their partners cannot meet their own manufacturing requirements, which may cause personal or life safety during the manufacture of wind towers. Fengwei Machinery is professional in the welding of wind tower equipment. After more than 20 years of hard work, we can provide the equipment output of the entire production line for wind towers, and for the use of equipment, we also have one-to-one and many-to-one Guided by the team of engineers.

welding rotatorWelding rotator

For the manufacturing of the wind tower production line, there are three main parts of welding, and the machinery involved is also slightly different:

The first part is mainly Seam weldment of single wind tower, which involves: the coordination of Lead screw welding rotator and Welding manipulator, the second part is mainly Seam weldment among multiple wind towers, which covers the main machines: Fit-up welding rotator, Welding rotator with trolley, Welding manipulator. The third part is Paint and sandblasting, the main machines involved include: Explosion-proof welding rotator, Painting system.

Welding manipulator

Many partners are not very satisfied with their production efficiency. Why not visit Fengwei's project. We will provide a workshop visit and a team of engineers to solve such problems for you on site, and we guarantee that our machinery can improve you 100%. The problem of factory efficiency and slow production. The appearance of the product can also be customized, completely according to the design we want or graffiti.

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